Wedding planning is an extreme sport

My names is Melody Dareing and I am one of the owners of Dareing Events Catering Inc. The other owner is my chef husband, Mike.

He cooks. I plan. Life is just simpler that way..and more enjoyable. I am no slouch in the kitchen, but my skills are best served in advance of the event and front of the house.

My career has been in journalism. I worked in newspapers, radio and television so I am used to deadlines and temper tantrums. My TV experiences as a news director translates well into event planning because I planned for a live newscasts every night, along with election coverage and a host of community events and programs. Live is live whether is a news show or a wedding. It has to start on time and waits for no one. It also has to be perfect.

I loved getting married and enjoyed planning my own wedding. I’m thankful that I get to do it again and again!

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