Creating cheap family dinners they will love!

As many of you may know, I have a particular passion about home dinners. Some of that comes from being raised by a stay-at-home mom who cooked every night, usually with organic vegetables from our own garden.

Some of my passion comes from living as a single gal for many years where I grabbed a sandwich on the go in between reporting interviews. Some comes from being married to a chef husband, who lives to create new and interesting dishes.

A bit is economy related, as it is cheaper to fix meals at home rather than eat out. They usually are healthier and turn out better tasting also.

However, I really realized how important a meal is by watching one of my favorite television shows “7th Heaven.” In the episode, the mom, Annie is reluctant to allow her daughter Lucy go grocery shopping with her even though Lucy must do so for a home economics class.

The reason, it turns out, is that Annie considers shopping for her family’s food a near-religious experience that she takes very seriously.

She remembers the first meal she cooked for her husband when they were dating. She remembered special holiday recipes, what her mother’s favorite foods were, what her parents did as a meal on her birthdays. Annie stated that creating a meal was more than just eating, it was creating a memory the rest of the family will always remember and perhaps carry to the next generation.

Although Annie is a fictional character, I realized she was absolutely right. Far too often, we look at meals as simply eating. They are far more than that. They are comforting, adventurous, educational, artistic, sensual and fun. I firmly believe the best moments should be around the dinner table.

I was fortunate in that Mama began teaching me to cook at age 4. Thanks Mama, for my husband is quite grateful. Unfortunately, many of my generation and younger have no clue.

Now, with a focus on the economy, health and celebrity chefs, these young men and women are finding themselves in a pickle and more than an bit hungry.

I will help you. Not only can I give you easy 30-minute or less recipes that are healthy, but I have tons of advice about how to shop for the best food at the best prices.

I do mean the best prices. Generally, the two of us spent about $170 a month on food…that’s about $5.83 a meal. The price becomes even more attractive when you are including things like ribeye, shrimp, and organic vegetables.

We eat well. You can too.

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